In February, 11 of us traveled from Wisconsin to the Dominican Republic to be with these amazing children. It was truly an amazing adventure from the time we left until we returned home. We saw the Lord at work in everything. Our first day began with the children rushing toward us as we arrived at the church. They hugged and kissed us almost knocking us over and they even brought men to tears! For me, there is nothing that compares to this moment. We spent time loving on them and speaking broken Spanish while they giggled. We were treated to a reciting of scripture accompanied by hand motions that was led by a 10 year old boy! It was really a sweet treat for us to see. We spent time playing catch and running around outside with them. Day 2, we fit children with shoes and clothes that were donated for them and we helped them write letters to sponsors. Our third day was spent shopping for items to deliver to families that we planned to see the next day. We picked up eggs, peanut butter, honey, milk powder, rice, beans, canned goods, soap and oral care items. Day 4, we traveled to visit several families and bless them with the items we purchased. Most of the children live in a small 8 x 10 shed that houses the whole family. The gratitude of mother’s receiving our gifts was evident. The last visit was to a family whose children walk almost an hour each way everyday. These children are ages 13,9, and 5. We drove as far as possible and then set out on foot through a very large field where we were greeted by stinging red ants and a bull. Where can you get an adventure like that in Wisconsin? We had an amazing day.

As our days turned to evening, we gathered for worship and a time of sharing what the Lord taught us through the days adventures. We had deep conversation and grew to love and appreciate each other through our ministry experience. Each one with a specific gift or talent being used to bless others and enrich the lives of the children we were there for.

It blesses me so much to be where God is working and to be with those He chooses for ordained moments in time. This mission of Outcast Redeemed is the Lord’s work and I am excited to be a part of it. Maybe you would consider joining us next time.