As we began this journey to bring hope to the outcast children living in the Dominican Republic, we knew that God wanted us to establish a presence that would be a lighthouse shining in the darkness. Only 1 year ago we were looking at a 1/2 acre piece of land in La Otra Banda and seeking the Lord if we were to buy it. Well, 2022 was quite a year for us as we left La Otra Banda and transitioned to the community of Monte Verde where there are many more children in desperate need. Not only did the Lord move us to Monte Verde but he connected us with several key organizations that we are so thankful for. GoBuildLove, 2ndMileMissions, Mission Caribe, and Source of Strength Church.


In January, we purchased a piece of land, approximately 1 acre in size, right next to the school where we minister to the children. This land has a solar powered well which provides free water to the community and was constructed by GoBuildLove. This organization provides families with a bucket and filter which makes the water drinkable without boiling, they also share the gospel as they provide these filters. Physical water provided and then the living water that never runs dry- Jesus!

We are so excited to have this piece of land. There is much to do to prepare to build but we see the light shining in the darkness and it will not be extinguished!  When I arrived on a Saturday in January with a soccer ball, the boys were so excited and ready to play soccer with me! It is amazing how happy the children are to receive a ball. They have made some goals out of left over concrete and some tubes.

The children can sense that something is about to shift in this community. We are bringing hope and we are bringing love. We are bringing Jesus. Stay tuned for updates on our plans for the land.