During the Covid-19 pandemic the country of the Dominican Republic shut down for quarantine, on March 21st 2020. Many of the people living in extreme poverty found themselves in dire circumstances without any resources. Children and adults going many days without food or water. One woman explains not eating for days and resorting to drinking contaminated water just to put something in her stomach. Through tears she also reports not having anything for her 4 children, who have not had milk in months.

There are no food pantries, no food stamps, no safety nets for these people.

As a result of God’s provision, we have been able to set up food distribution at the care point. This is the only food many of these families have had to eat in over 2 months. We have given over 500 lbs. of rice, many gallons of cooking oil, provided propane gas for cooking and provided milk and formula to desperate families.