What an amazing week we had serving Monte Verde alongside the ministry of Go Build Love. God is beginning the transformation process in this community of extreme poverty and idol worship. We were among a team of 15 people who prayer walked this land the first day in order to shift the atmosphere and allow the spirit of God to settle in. Several of us had dreams and prophetic words that lined up together to show us what God was doing. He was opening doors and planting seeds through our work. Go Build Love, supplies a 5 gallon bucket with a filter which allows the water to be consumed without boiling! This is lifechanging for so many people. They will no longer need to buy drinking water, and they no longer have to live with intestinal illness from contaminated water. Best of all we gave them the gift of Jesus. Many people came to know the Lord and surrendered their life. As we gave them water we were able to share how Jesus is the living water and that by trusting in Him they would never go thirsty again. Check out http://gobuildlove.org/